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We are 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This means that, we are responsible for raising 100% percent of our team's budget. We do this through ticket sales, fundraising, player fees, donations, and sponsorship packages from generous supporters like yourself. Our team's budget will cover everything we need to play a full regular season, and every year we must raise over $50,000 just to play. The costs cover things such as uniforms, equipment, fields, referees, and travel expenses (transportation, meals, and lodging). We will need even more than $50,000 when we make it to the post season and the championship.


Every season, each player will spend money out of their own pocket just to play. Our coaches and staff are all volunteers. Sponsorships helps us to take that financial burden off the player and allow them to enjoy a sport they love. There are many players that can not play based only on their financial situation.  We want to be able to have the funds to allow anyone, no matter their income, to play with us. Our goal is to have our players more focused on the game rather than the cost. By sponsoring us, you allow women to feel empowered and stay healthy through the sport of tackle football. As a sponsor you will be attaching your name and brand to a team that represents Kern County with respect and heart. ​


Sports are incredibly important in helping people to build character and learn teamwork. By sponsoring us you will be helping women to become well rounded individuals that will bring what they learn on the field into their community. Our players understand the huge responsibility that falls on them when they are recognized as KCC players. Our team values are: Family, Respect, Teamwork, Commitment, and Loyalty. We want you to know that we will represent your company to the highest standards with these values, as well. Your sponsorship allows women to recognize a dream they may have never had a chance to see. ​ ​

For more information about sponsoring our team, please contact our Marketing Director, Jodi Buford at or by phone at 661-889-7463.  



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